The Committee

The Birmingham Swifts are organised by a committee, who meet regularly. They are voted for by members each year at the AGM. Any full member of the group can put themselves forward for nomination.

At this year’s AGM the members voted for (almost) and entirely new committee. Please keep your eyes pealed for information about the new committee members in due course!

Chair – Chris Pratt


I first started running with the Swifts 3 years ago after losing a lot of weight and looking for a fresh challenge and to supplement the other aspects of my fitness regime. I came along to a Thursday night session with my friend and enjoyed the small, but perfectly formed, social run group. Going from strength to strength, I went on to run 4 half marathons with the Swifts, even in Berlin once!

Two years ago I was elected to the position of Social and Welfare Secretary in the inaugural committee and continued to serve in this capacity for the next committee. Coming up to AGM this year I decided that I was keen to coordinate the committee and bring us back to basics and do the things that matter well and make a great foundation for us to build our club upon.

I’m lucky to take over from a great outgoing chair and be supported by a fresh, enthusiastic and forward-thinking committee. I’m looking forward to doing my best for you all over the next year!

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Treasurer – Geoffrey Frost


In 2005 I was sat in a wine bar with an old university friend, reminiscing about our time at university in Newcastle and how we regretted we never took part in the Great North Run whilst we were up there.  As we opened our third bottle of wine, we decided to seize the bull by the horns and made a pact that we would each sign up for a charity place the very next morning, and complete the run in a little over six weeks.  Nursing my hangover and regretting ever going out, I stayed true to my word and signed away to run with Crime Stoppers.  I called my friend.  She was more realistic in the cold light of day and informed me she would not be running.  My first training run was a complete flop.  I managed about 200 yards and had to stop.  Somehow I managed to find my pace over the six weeks and successfully ran my first half marathon.  I still remember that buzz and wave of emotion as I crossed the finish line.  Me!  I managed to go from the chubby kid that got picked last in PE to managing to run 13.1 miles.  I had to do it again…and so here I am.  Over a decade later, still running (when I can).

I joined the Swifts in May 2015, the month in which we got our club kit and proudly displayed them in the Birmingham pride march.  I have watched it grow to what it is today and am pleased to be able to do my bit to help the continuation of the club.

At home I live in Moseley with my husband and fellow Swift,  James, and our five year old son.   As well as running, I enjoy climbing and skiing.  I am an IT consultant by trade.  Working with the SAP financials modules.  A lot of my career has been spent in the public sector and tailoring the IT systems to work with managing grants, funds and budgets rather than focusing on generating a profit.

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Secretary – Marianne Skelcher



 I am a latecomer to running having completed a Couch to 5k programme at the age of 61. Joining the Swifts was key to maintaining my motivation and developing my confidence as a runner, and members supported me in participating in Parkrun, and completing my first ever 10k in May 2016. Although I haven’t been able to run for several months, due to a problem with my foot, continuing my involvement with the Swifts through work on the Committee has been important in helping me stay positive about running again in the future.

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Social and Welfare Secretary – Alan Cordonnier


Just to be clear – had you told me that I would be a runner at the age of 26 when I was a teenager, I would probably have bursted out laughing and inquired about your consumption of illegal substances.

I actually started running in sixth form when spent a whole summer in a German family and found myself having to compete with a German boy of my age. Obviously I could not let him think that I was yielding so I sucked up the pain and carried on running. Before I knew it, I had started running on my own. I lost substantial weight on that summer (5kg for those of you who count in metrics!) and more importantly I started feeling good about myself, a feeling I had not had in years.

Living in France and loving food beyond measure, it was obvious for me that I would never be able to discipline myself and control what I was eating so I quickly understood the benefits of my new hobby. Hence I carried on running with various intensity through the end of sixth form and through university. To enjoy everything my home country had to provide, pretend I have very advantageous genetics and secretly sweat it all out on the running tracks became my life moto.

I arrived in Birmingham in October 2016 for a job and had nothing with me but a 30kg luggage. I knew no one at all. Luckily I was lucky enough to find the Swifts two months after arriving and immediately fell in love with the group. Through the following year, I rarely missed any Thursday run and little by little I’ve integrated this big family (which is probably very disturbing for our members, now having to endure my heavily French accent and my undecodable reactions). Anyway, I was very happy and honored to be trusted to be Social and Welfare Secretary and will give my best to make our club a fun and nice place to be!

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Race Secretary – Pete “TP” Davis


Hello my name is TP i started with the Swifts June 2016 when i completed their couch to 5K programme.  In the last year i have achieved so much with the Birmingham swifts. I went from running 5k then 10k and then completed my first half marathon in October 2016. I have always been keen and enthusiastic with my ability to achieve my goals and so this year im going for the Birmingham Marathon and looking to help others achieve their personal goals.

As race sec its my plan to choose exciting, accessible and affordable races that everyone can enjoy.

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Promotional Secretary – Connor Kingsley


The reason i Joined the Birmingham Swifts was because i was new to the area and as a shy person i wanted to broaden my horizons and meet new people. The Swifts are like a family and we encourage new people to join us.

The best thing i ever did was contact the Swifts. As Promo Sec i am keen to achieve greater reach to the gay community.

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