We know joining a group for the first time can be a little scary. So, as well as promising to be friendly, here are some of the questions runners had before they joined the Birmingham Swifts:

How much does it cost?
It is free to come and run with the Birmingham Swifts. This includes a bag storage and changing facilities. (Please be advised we currently have no shower facilities)

How far do i have to run? 
We recommend that you can run for 20 minutes continuously if you would like to join us on a Thursday evening. If you don’t think that is manageable, why not try our Starting Out sessions, which are held periodically throughout the year and are a great way to get from the couch to running 5km in 2-3 months.

What speed do I have to run at?
We accept all runners, no matter how fast or slow you think you might be. All of our sessions incorporate something for everyone, which means that no-one holds anyone back.

Do you call it off if it’s wet or cold?
Only if the pavements are icy will we call off the run, which we’ll notify in advance on our Facebook GroupFacebook Page and Twitter. Even if it’s raining or cold, we’ll still go out so make sure you dress accordingly!

What should I wear?
Having the right pair of shoes is the most important – there are hundreds of different running shoes, so make sure you get the right style for you. We strongly recommend visiting a running store so you can get your gait analysed. In terms of your clothes, wear breathable fabrics that will keep you warm and dry. Chat to some of the runners to get some advice about what might work for you.

Do I have to declare any health conditions?
Although we will ask you if you have any conditions we should be aware of, participation in the group is at your own risk. We strongly recommend you consult your doctor if you are suffering from any condition that might make running injurious to your health.

I’m pregnant – can I join you?
If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor and follow their advice, even if you have been running regularly before.

Is the group qualified and insured?
Each run has someone who is qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness by England Athletics. As such, they are provided with public liability insurance whilst taking part in Birmingham Swifts sessions. Details of exactly what cover is provided is available on request.

Are there any age restrictions?
Our run leaders are qualified to lead all ages of adult, and children from the age of 12. Unfortunately we cannot accept children aged 11 or under.

Can I bring a dog along?
Unfortunately our licence does not allow dogs.

I’m straight – can I still come along?
Of course! We’re open to everyone, no matter what your sexuality. However, please recognise Birmingham Swifts exists to provide a running group for LGBT people, so some activities will be aimed to the LGBT community.


Got a question that isn’t answered here?
Please e-mail info@birminghamswifts.co.uk or fill out the form below:

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