Turkey Trot 5 Mile 2014

By Neessa

Sunday 21 December, Aldersley, Wolverhampton

Well after the full Santa outfits of the Santa Dash, I wasn’t sure of what to expect for the Turkey Trot. Wolf Swift jested, during a pre-race gathering, that we’d be running with a frozen turkey! I rebuked, “Not a poor dead one, I’ll dash with a warm fluffy feathered turkey clutched like a new Parisian handbag!” However, I didn’t need to worry…

Being the Wheezy Swift I am and worrying about Jack Frost’s descent for the festive season, I decked out in five layers of tops and a double layer of tights. All this kit was washed, ironed and laid out ready for my 7am Sunday wake up call. I can’t believe I actually do this and that I really enjoy it – I think I need to sign up to runaholics anonymous!

I had my pre-run panic the night before as a magnitude of worries meandered through my mind. Would I be late? Would I find the location? What is the route going to be like? What if it’s all uphill and what if there’s lots of traffic and road running? What if I forget my inhaler? What if it runs out of puffs? What if it’s too cold? I can’t cope with the cold!

I told myself to stop! After all, I wasn’t going to be alone; I was meeting up with my fellow family of Swifts. They hadn’t flocked off for warmer climates for the winter (well apart from one, who was swanning around the heat of Egypt).


On race day morning, the location was easily found. A pre-race warm up run had Frantic Swift, President Swift and I shaking off the cold and wind whilst we smiled and did a full track warm up jog.

And then off we went, on a cold and frosty Sunday morning, running 5 miles which started on a running track before heading out through the Aldersley area of Wolverhampton. Frantic Swift and I buddied up, hoping that we’d feel good about overtaking others. The route wove in and out of a housing estate, with some gentle undulating hills (much unlike the Fiveways incline featured during the half-marathon).

Frantic Swift made a superb canter in her first race for the Birmingham Swifts. Hats off to you Fran – it was an amazing run. She tackled hills and steep little bridges, sharp turns, long stretches and handsome young men cheering, before reaching the finish line, with encouragement from Lord Swift along the final stretch. Oh, and of course her Boy George dance mix.

All in all a great morning was had. Swifts Ahoy!

Results by Birmingham Swifts
Jay – 36:22
Tommy – 37:00
Jesús – 38:51
Chris – 47:08
Neessa – 49:50
Fran – 50:21


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